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About Me
Harrison Design & Consulting, LLC has been serving customers since 1992, specializing in custom modifications for carry and competition to the 1911-pattern auto pistol. I enjoy a reputation for building guns that run. It sounds like such a simple thing, but in reality it is the core of my philosophy about customizing pistols and I believe it’s what keeps my customers coming back. The gun has to run.

This philosophy evolved from my participation in IPSC matches since the early 1980’s and in IDPA more recently. Both are events that demand flawless equipment function. I learned early on that your equipment has to work on demand, every time it’s called on. Anything less is unacceptable. This attitude applies even more so to the equipment used for self-defense - to save your life, or lives of your loved ones.

My interests are in modification and improvement to the 1911 pattern auto pistol. I perform all in-shop work myself, outsourcing only specialized work, such as some finishing work, tritium night sights, and welding. I use a mix of techniques, both manual and machine, in crafting each pistol. I only use the finest parts available and take no shortcuts. I build each pistol knowing that it will have to serve its owner for years to come and then hopefully be handed down in the family to serve a new generation. If you want someone to compromise in execution, short-cut details or rush through a project, I may not be who you're looking for. I care too much about my reputation and for turning out quality work to fall into those traps. Like most artisans, I am in this business because of a love of the work, rather than a desire to simply make money. I will continue into the future because of the satisfaction I receive for doing a job well for customers who are as enthused about owning a fine custom pistol as I am about producing one.

There are several fundamental design elements that every custom ‘smith has to work through and prioritize when building a custom gun. The most important elements to me are: Function and Reliability; Accuracy; Ergonomics; and Styling and Cosmetics. While no gunsmith should compromise one element over another, he will have to assign a priority to the above-mentioned fundamentals. Should building a beautiful "show-piece" pistol be more important than building a reliable one that functions with great accuracy? That doesn’t seem to be what my customers want. It also doesn’t mean that the pistol should be built with little regard to appearance. The above listed items are in the order of priority of essential elements of my work. Pistols that I build have to first - function reliably; second - be accurate for the intended purpose; third - have the best "feel" in handling that can be achieved (with the customer specified components); and fourth - have my best effort in styling and cosmetics. This philosophy results in a gun that you know will function reliably and will be able to trust your life to.

Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in my services. This site should answer many of your questions, but if there is anything that hasn’t been covered, or if I can be of any more service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Harrison
Harrison Design & Consulting, LLC