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I value relationships with my customers, both present and future, and believe communication is essential part of that relationship. You are considering making an appreciable investment into your firearm and I realize you may have questions that have not been addressed by this website, or you may want to discuss unique specifics of your particular situation.

Email is my preferred way of communication with my customers. It allows me to give my undivided attention to answering your questions without interrupting my work on someone else’s gun. It will also help me keep track of details we talked about that otherwise may be forgotten. Should you still want to call me, please use the phone number below and I will be glad to hear from you. I’m usually available to answer telephone calls during evening hours and weekends.
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Harrison Design & Consulting, LLC
4313 White Hickory Lane
Kennesaw, GA 30152
United States

Phone: (770) 419-3476

Facebook: My Facebook Page

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