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Here at mid- 2015, I have a little over than 100 orders booked for full house custom 1911 pistols. My best guess for the wait time for delivery of a custom pistol to be approximately 5 years. It typically takes about 2-3 weeks to actually perform the custom work, plus time for refinishing. The rest of the wait time is me serving everyone else who placed their order ahead of you.

To be fair to these folks that have been patiently waiting their turn, I just can’t take in small jobs for a quick turnaround. The only exception that I am making to this policy, is that I will do installations of Harrison Design parts purchased from my web store with a quick turnaround. I am doing these jobs after normal work hours to be fair to folks waiting on the list and to offer service support to parts customers.

So, if you want small jobs done like machine work (checkering, magwells, etc), installation of some other brand of 1911 part or refinishing, you’ll have to wait your turn on the list. If you want (for example) a set of H-D sights and an H-D ignition set installed and also want a checkered front strap and refinishing, I can only do the sights and ignition set on quick turnaround. If you want it all done, you have to go on the list.