Communication and Changes
To serve you best, I recommend communicating via Email. Phone calls are welcome and sometimes necessary, but Email can be answered when the work schedule allows and leaves a written record of the communication, rather than trusting my memory. I can accommodate changes when the gun is in process, as long as I haven’t already gone past that particular part of the job. All I ask is to be reasonable with me regarding changes. You should pretty well have your mind made up as to what you want, when you fill in the work order. For example, if you have questions, such as which grip safety I recommend, or something like that; Email me ahead of filling out the work order. But, for example, if you try out your buddies new blaster and find that you must have the same sights as he has on his gun, I’ll do what ever I can to accommodate, as long as I haven’t already machined your slide for a different sight.

In Process Communications
When work is begun on your pistol, I will send an email to let you know that I’ve started and when I think I’ll be finished. If I run into questions, I’ll be in touch. I will save a file of all email correspondence between us until the job is completed.