Components and Parts
You'll notice that my prices include the cost of parts as well as labor to install and fit each part. I am confident that I can do a better job, with fewer interruptions and delays, by supplying all parts myself. I have learned this the hard way. My experience working with customer-supplied parts has typically been poor. Sending me parts to use on your pistol that you have obtained is something like taking your car to the dealer for a brake job and you supplying the pads. How well do you think that’s going to work out?

If you want something that you don't see offered in the "Services and Prices" section, please ask, as I can most likely supply it.

Factory machining options
When building a custom 1911 from component slides and frames, I prefer not to use machining options such as sight cuts, beavertail cuts, checkering, barrel ramps, etc. offered by manufacturers. I believe better results can be achieved by doing all necessary machining work to fit parts together myself, when I have each piece in my hand. Another thing to consider is you are having a custom pistol built, not a home-hobbyist "kitchen table special".

If you've read this far, I think you probably want an example of your pistolsmith's talent, not a factory produced cookie-cutter, with dimensionally compromised features. There is a certain sequence in which custom work "flows" when it comes to 1911 build/customization. One step lays a starting point or foundation for the next step. When you take these steps out of sequence by ordering factory machining options, you put "the cart ahead of the horse" and loose the ability to make an optimal fit of one part to the other or make an optimal location of a cut to achieve alignment of parts with one another in the most attractive and efficient manner.