Ordering and Delivery
At the present, I am not accepting small jobs, other than installation of Harrison Design sights and trigger jobs utilizing Harrison Design ignition parts, so I can concentrate on my waiting list of full-house customs. I hope to return to normal full service in the future, but estimate it may be 2014 or later. Please check back often to see my current status.

Ordering work from me falls into three categories, quick small jobs to make a repair, slightly bigger jobs that are limited to a few items and full custom jobs that require waiting on the list before starting. All of these require work orders to be filled out. To create a work order, go to my gunsmithing web site (www.HarrisonCustom.com), open the Services or Packages menu and select the items or package that you want done to your pistol. You items will be added to your work order as you go. When you've completed your selections, click on the “My Work Order” icon at the top of the page to open the work order form.

Fill out the personal and firearm info heading blanks completely, using the address that you'll want your pistol returned to after work is complete. Verify the selection of your modifications and use the Comments section to list any special details that you want me to know about. When you get to the bottom of the form, click the "Print" button. That will create your personalized work order. Print out 2 copies, keep one and sign one, then mail the signed copy to me. If it's a quick small job that I've given you a price for, include payment with either a USPS Money Order or a Cashier's Check. If I've instructed you to go ahead and send your pistol at this time, you don't need to send the $25 deposit; I'll send a invoice when work is complete and it's ready ship out for refinishing. The deposit is only to secure a place in line for large scope work that will work it's way through the waiting list.

If your order is for a full custom job, then send the work order along with a deposit check for $25.00 and I'll add you to the waiting list. Don't get hung up about whether or not you've thought of everything you want done to your pistol, you'll have plenty of chances to change and add before work starts. When I begin working on the pistol that's on the list before yours, I'll get in touch and ask you to send in your pistol. If you've changed your mind on any of the modifications, we can do a new work order at that point and not incur any delays or extra cost.

If you have a small job that I've agreed to work in as time permits and have told you to send the pistol right away, there's no need to send a deposit. If it's something that I could quote a firm price for, you can send payment in with the pistol, if you'd like.