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W-26103 Firing pin spring

1911 Firing Pin Return Spring

Extra Power firing pin return springs are something that I install in all my 1911s and all customer 1911s that I work on. The 1911 firing pin is free floating in it's tunnel and the return spring is all that keeps the firing pin from striking the primer when a round is chanbered. An X-P spring is of value to reduce chance of a slam fire, should the pistol be dropped or slammed into a hard surface with adequate force. These springs also wear out and will eventually have coils break off, which can jam the firing pin. If you dry fire a lot, be sure to replace the firing pin spring whenever you replace your recoil spring. Note that new recoil springs are packaged with a new firing pin spring.


Pro Tip- The firing pin return spring is made with one end closed into a smaller loop than the other end. When you install a new spring, the tight end of the spring goes first onto the firing pin, so the parts stay together when removed from the slide.

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