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HD-008 Extreme Service Rear Sights for Kimber

H-D rear sights for Kimber 1911s with fixed rear sights
Does Not Fit Kimber 1911s with adjustable sights.
After repeated requests from customers for a rugged fixed sight to fit the popular Kimber 1911 pistols with a fixed rear sight, I'm proud to introduce the HD-008 family of Extreme Service rear sights. CAD designed and CNC 3-D machined specifically to fit the Kimber 1911 pistols. It allows you the option of replacing your factory rear sight with an Extreme Service fixed rear sight with features better suited to tactical and self defense use.
This sight features a rugged one-piece design. Sharp, snaggy corners have been eliminated by the fully radiused design.The forward face of the blade has a squared-off shoulder that allows properly trained personnel, one-handed operation for malfunction clearance. Faster target acquisition is possible, thanks to a wider rear notch of .140" x .125", allowing more visible light into sight picture.
The sight’s design allows full range of windage adjustment in each direction. CNC machined from bar stock and Made in the USA! Available with square notch and U-notch  in plain black, tritium night sights with square notch in either three dot pattern or over/under and for use with the Trijicon HD front sight; we have the "WU" wide U notch rear sight in plain black and T2 night sight pattern. The HD-008 is .370" tall at the rear
Plain black square-notch rear sight for Kimber
Plain black U-Notch rear sight for Kimber
Night Sight for Kimber, single lamp for Over/Under pattern
Night Sight for Kimber, two lamps for Three-Dot pattern