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HD-011-M Front Sight

.175" tall, Medium tenon stake-in front sight for Springfield Mil-Spec pistols

We are now offering stake-in front sights featuring an improved ramp with serrations which appears much blacker in your sight picture than many of the current factory offerings. They are .125" wide and are sold in .175" height. The staking tenon width is "medium" for your Springfield Mil-Spec. Due to the low sales volume, these are made from wide tenon sights from regular production and then machined to the medium width on manual equipment as ordered. This sight is also available with a white dot.


PRO Tip- Before you stake in your new sight, cut a chamfer around the mortise (the square hole) that the tenon goes through in the interior of your slide to create room for the end of your tenon to mushroom into as you stake it. Be sure to degrease the slide and sight and apply plenty of red LocTite 263 on the surfaces before assembly. Done correctly, a staked in sight will never come loose.

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