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HD-017 Fiber Optic Front Sight - .180"

Black Serrated Blade with red fiber optic rod

This .185" tall front sights is the original front sight height used with the original height Colt rear sight blade as well as aftermarket sights made by KenSight and Wilson, if the customer wants to maintain that same front sight / rear sight relationship.


For use on the King Cobra Target, this front sight has been increased in height by .040” (.180"tall) over the factory height (.140"tall) to match the .040" increase of the HD-020 Snake Sight Rear Sight. If you are still using the original rear sight blade or another brand on a King Cobra Target, then you'll need to stay with the .140" tall offerings found HERE

The serrated sight blade is made in the Improved Ramp pattern to give a sharper, blacker sight image, yet still be good for holster carry in modern good quality gun leather. It uses a 1mm fiber optic rod, which is large enough to be readily seen, but not so large as to over-power the front sight's crispness by a "halo" glow from a too-large fiber optic rod like others use. The front Snake Sight comes with a red fiber optic rod and also a spare rod in both red and green, which you should be able to get at least 3-4 replacements out of.

The front sight is .125” wide to allow placement of color contrasting features like gold beads, fiber optic rods or tritium lamps.

The HD Snake Sight front sight is offered in serrated plain black, with a fiber optic rod, or a 14k gold bead, high polished domed end.