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HD-035 Fiber Optic Snake Sights Set - .180"

Front & Rear Set for Colt King Cobra Target


The same HD Snake Sight sets will fit current production Colt King Cobra Target revolvers.

Rear Sight Blade 

The HD Snake Sight rear notch dimensions have been changed to give the sight picture larger light bars on each side of the front sight. Changes to increase the notch size allow more daylight into the sight picture, letting the eye more quickly acquire and better focus on the front sight.

The dovetail has been made slightly wider to allow fitting to the sight body, to eliminate the factory sight blade's wiggle, so fairly simple fitting is likely necessary. Please read the installation instructions to decide if this job is in your skill set and you have the tools needed to be successful. 

The blade height has been increased by .040” which allows a deeper notch by a like amount.

The notch width has been changed from .130” to .150” to allow more daylight into the sight picture, giving rapid aquisition easier focus on the front sight..

The top outside corners have been shaped in a large radius to minimize snagging on garments or cutting hands or holsters.

The blade’s thickness has been increased to improve the crispness of the sight picture and the radius at the bottom of the blade has been enlarged to strengthen the blade.

The dovetail size has been slightly increased to reduce the slop that existed with the original parts.

The set screw size has stayed the same - .050”, so it's hex key (included) also works with the front sight. The set screw’s placement has been moved to the center of the of the blade.

Front Sight 

The front sight has been increased in height by .040”, the same increase as the rear blade to create a much more useable sight picture. 

The serrated sight blade is made in the Improved Ramp pattern to give a sharper, blacker sight image, yet still be good for holster carry in modern good quality gun leather. It uses a 1mm fiber optic rod, which is large enough to be readily seen, but not so large as to over power the front sight's crispness by "halo" glow from a too-large fiber optic rod like others use. The front Snake Sight comes with a red fiber optic rod and also a spare rod in both red and green, which you should be able to get at least 3-4 replacements out of.

The front sight is .125” wide to allow placement of color contrasting features like gold beads, fiber optic rods or tritium lamps.

The HD Snake Sight front sight for the King Cobra Target is offered in serrated plain black, with a fiber optic rod, or a 14k gold bead, high polished domed end.