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HD-125 Extreme Service Hammer Strut & pin

Tool steel hammer strut and pin

The Extreme Service Hammer Strut is correctly designed for all 1911 applications. The shape of my hammer strut is designed to prevent the hammer strut from rubbing the sear spring, which can cause the tension of the sear spring to unload. The Extreme Service strut is wire EDM machined from hardened tool steel for maximum durability and high strength, giving the reliabilty you can count on from your 1911.


Available finished in black IonBond DLC!


Suggestion - If you are buying a black hammer, you might want to buy a black strut because the top of the strut shows when the hammer is in the forwards position.


Installation Pro Tip - 

The hammer strut pin is designed to be a slight interference fit, so it stays captured while the hammer is out of the gun and so the strut pin cannot creep out while assembled and bind the hammer’s fall. To allow proper fitting of my strut, strut pin or hammer with other manufacturers components, the strut pins are intentionally left slightly oversize. You will need to fit the pin toyour hammerand sear during installation. It's really easy to do.

I do not recommend enlarging the strut hole or hammer hole to assemble. Instead, hold the pin in a drill chuck with a little more than half it's length exposed. Then spin it while touching the side of the pin to a piece if 220-400 grit sandpaper laying on the edge of your workbench. This will reduce the pin's diameter. Polish half of the length for a few seconds and then try it on the strut and hammer. It should slip fit on the strut and be a snug fit in the hammer. Once you've acheived that fit, reverse the pin in the chuck and re[eat the sanding to the other end of the pin.

To install the strut & pin to the hammer, lay the hammer on a fitting block or other flat, hard surface. Stick the pin in the strut hole and usie the strut as a handle to position and align the pin to the hole, tap it to start the pin. If you hold it square to the hammer, it will start for you. Then move the strut to it’s normal location, oriented correctly with the hammer and tap the pin until it’s flush. I do this with a 4 ounce hammer and taps are all it takes. If you feel that your fit is looser than you'd like, you can "stake" each end of the strut pin hole of the hammer with a center punch to upset the edge of the hole to retain the pin more securely.

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