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HD-808 Firing Pin Tool

Removal & Installation of 1911 firing pin tools

As part of regular maintainence, you should clean out the firing pin port and the extractor port to keep function at it's peak. This requires that you remove the firing pin stop & firing pin, along with the extractor. They are under pressure from the firing pin return spring and must be controlled during disassembly and reassembly. Now the 1911 world has a purpose-built tool to aid you in this process.

I have made these tools for my own use for years and am now offering them to 1911 owners and other gunsmiths. Made of anodized aluminum for a life time of service, the HD-808 has a hex-shaped center section to keep it from rolling on your workbench.

The HD-808 FP tool has two ends, the pointed end for removal of the firing pin stop and firing pin and the cupped end to control and compress the firing pin & spring into the port and hold it in correct alignment while you insert the firing pin stop. This better controls the firing pin while under spring tension than improvised tools do.

The HD-808 is also dimensioned so that whether removing or installing, you push the tool in until it stops and the parts will be in correct relationship for disassembly and reassembly. I still recommend wearing safety glasses any time you have a spring under compression, but by using the HD-808, you will keep the parts under control and reduce chances of a firing pin flying across the room!

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