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Hex key set

Hex key set

I always try to keep enough support equipment in my range bag to be able to deal with minor problems that can happen while I'm at the range. Of course, if I don't watch it, my bag will quickly over flow and will weigh in at about 80 lbs.! I always keep a set of hex keys in my bag, but have never been completely satisfied with them. The folding type stores neatly, but doesn't handle the torcue well and is a little clunky to handle. The kind that are on a loop, like your key ring are worse - they don't even store well. For years, I kept a set of long hex keys in my bag and worked well, but gave you so much leverage that it was easy to overtighten different screws plus they took up more room than I wanted them to. They also had large sizes that had no application on firearms.

I found this 10 piece set of short hex keys by accident and when I realized how perfect they were for handgun general maintainence. Just the right sizes, not too long making for compact storage. They are still adequate in length to let you adequately torque any fastener found on a firearm. Anyway, I thought I'd add them to my offerings of 1911 maintainence tools so you could have a set too.

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