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ignition parts
Hi John,

Got my parts in today, thank you for getting them out.
Very pleased with them, the finish on everything was great.
Put them into a Range Officer I am playing with and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I have to tell you I originally went on your sight looking to only order one of your triggers and once there I couldn't help myself. Glad I did cause I am really liking how everything turned out.

From: | Date: 7/2/2012 10:37 AM
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para expert
Great experience. Prompt service, next day delivery. Actually received help on Sunday!
Parts fit perfectly. Did have to do a little work on the thumb safety before it would fit with the new parts.
Great crisp trigger break with no additional work.
From: | Date: 11/6/2013 9:29 PM
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Ignition set
The quality and finish on these parts is amazing. I installed these in my Para Ordnance Elite, with a little fitting of my thumb safety, they dropped right in. Brought my trigger pull to a crisp 3.25LB pull.

I am very happy that I came accross Harrison Design, I had been looking for a new hammer in black and was very happy to find a hammer in Ionbond finish(matches the finish on my Para). Ionbond is a fantastic finish. I just put 250 rounds down range and there aren't even any marks on the face of the hammer, still looks brand new.
Fantastic parts and great service from John, much appreciated.

From: | Date: 3/31/2014 2:10 PM
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Ignition Set
Thanks for getting those parts to me so quickly. Received your ignition kit and installed with sear spring I purchased previously, fantastic setup, nice clean break will hold 3.5 lbs., but not 4.0lbs. absolutely no creep.
From: | Date: 4/20/2014 8:26 PM
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Installed on Colt Rail Gun
Parts were shipped fast. I had ordered a hammer strut with the kit and it was pre-installed prior to shipping (without asking). This was a nice gesture that saved me hassle when installing. After a refit of the thumb safety (completely expected), the parts improved my already good pull on my Colt. All of Harrison parts that I have ordered have been as good as parts get. So far, the hammer, strut, sear, disco, and thumb safety have been stellar and improvements in looks, materials, and functions over OEM. I am truly impressed at the attention to detail and quality of the parts. Thank you for making great stuff! Will be ordering again.
From: | Date: 6/5/2016 10:40 AM
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High Quality
I received and installed the kit in my Springfield TRP. I am extremely happy with the fast shipping, quality parts and excellent trigger pull! If you are on the fence about purchasing- have no fear, this is a fantastic upgrade for your 1911.
From: | Date: 10/29/2018 3:11 PM
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Installed on EMP4
Wow what a difference this set makes on my Springfield EMP. The quality of these parts is well worth the price and is really a bargain for what you get.

Had to do some fitting on the hammer strut pin which John has explained how to do on the sight. My Wilson Combat Thumb safety needed a few more strokes with a file to fit past the new sear but everything else was drop-in.

Great support from the company owner as well. Can't wait to shoot this bad boy.
From: | Date: 11/28/2018 3:08 PM
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Great Product
Purchased this ignition kit along with hammer strut and pin for a new Springfield loaded with a horiible trigger. Fit and finish was the best i have ever seen. All parts dropped right in, fitted a new TS, and now have a safe, reliable , crisp 4lb trigger without even adjusting the sear spring.  I couldnt be happier with this purchase. Will definately be a returning customer
From: | Date: 2/1/2019 8:44 AM
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HD-120-B Extreme Service ignition set - Black
Received the FCG this evening.
Just installed in an STI DVC P. It had crap components as received.  
With minor tweaking I have a 2# trigger with your parts.

I've experienced the same success with John's Hammer/TR Sear and disconnects in a dozen 1911's.

Best in class parts.
From: | Date: 10/6/2019 1:33 PM
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Top grade parts
I ordered this hammer and sear kit because of the reputation of Harrison parts for the 1911. I was replacing a subpar hammer, hammer strut, sear, disconnector, and pin set that came in a brand new pistol I waited 9 months to have built and to my great surprise they used mim parts for the ignition and everything was out of spec and sloppy, hammer wobbled, uneven wear marks, the strut was rubbing the sear spring. I installed the Harrison parts and they were very well made, finished and dimensionally in spec.  Impressive to look at and installed smoothly. I did a slight refit to the thumb safety and the gun ran through 250 rounds without issue. The true radius sear feels great.  I will be a customer for life. These are top grade parts that you will be proud to have.
From: | Date: 9/26/2023 8:26 PM
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Best parts and service money can buy.
I don't give an excellent rating lightly. To get that elusive 5th star, a part or service must be the example by which others are measured. With respect to my satisfaction with Harrison Custom, I'd award 6 stars if I could.

When I needed to upgrade the fire control system in my pistol, a friend suggested Harrison Custom (nee: Harrison Design & Consulting). To say I was blown away by the quality of Mr Harrison's work would be an understatement; the difference was such that I almost wouldn't have believed that it was the same firearm! All it took me was some minor adjustment to the thumb safety and the system moved in and felt like a well broken-in pistol almost immediately. Pull went from above 5 lbs to sub 3.5 lbs with a crisp, pane of glass break with zero creep, and positive reset. I attribute this to the attention to detail in the manufacturing process; all surfaces were well dressed prior to application of the ion bond DLC coating. The finish was such that it didn't require any dressing in order to fit right in and work immediately.

Speaking of the finish, the DLC is an even rich black, without any gray tones, or blotches that can sometimes create a stained appearance with less surface prep.  

The true radius sear and hammer are square and sharply cut out of the package, with no burrs that can lead to a gritty feel and a creep in the  take-up. The spur came already installed on the hammer for me as well, a really nice touch that I appreciated greatly.

As for John's service, all communications were as if he was waiting at his computer for me to send a message; all responses came within minutes of my sending a question! I feel like the challenges of recent times have lowered the bar for excellent service, but John has moved it well past were I think it should be and I've always been impressed by that. He owns the service category and second best is not visible from where he sits.

I am somewhat new to 1911 work and this man has given me faith that, at least in his corner of this market, customers are still valued. Thanks for the excellent products and buying experience; I will be back!
From: | Date: 2/14/2024 10:02 PM
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Upgrade Springfield Prodigy DS
I purchased this ignition kit to upgrade the MIM parts in my Springfield Prodigy and increase reliability. Delivery service was lightning fast and the quality of each component are the best I’ve seen in nearly 40 years of 1911 ownership.
Once the kit was installed and the sear spring was properly adjusted, the trigger pull is as good as the trigger on my 3500.00 Wilson Combat pistol!
I will continue to purchase Harrison  Design components as long as John makes them available!
From: | Date: 2/21/2024 9:01 PM
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Amazing Customer Service!!
Been buying from Mr.Harrison for a few years and it is always the same. Super fast shipping for in my opinion the best parts available.  On top of that is you email him, you get very quick honest responses!!  The man is a true gentleman!!!
From: | Date: 4/23/2024 5:57 PM
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