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Check your gun BEFORE ordering!
John has done an excellent job showing the differences in the 4 models of firing pin stops. Do not just read the product descriptions - study the pictures John provided. Then disassemble your gun and compare. For example, one of the guns I installed his firing pin stop in was a government sized para black ops in 45 auto. I knew it was a series 80, and being a gov. 45 figured it needed the 207 firing pin stop after reading the description. Wrong! Pulled the gun apart and discovered it had the commander ejector. Just a heads up! Not all manufacturers follow Colt's standards. As for the firing pin stop itself, awesome! Made the ejection in my black ops more consistent (must have had an extractor clocking). Did my dad's Kimber 10mm also. Brought the empties from past 30 ft in to about 15 ft. Only wish John would offer more models - ones already filed down for adjustable sights. Then I could slap these suckers in a whole lot quicker. In all seriousness, it really was fairly easy to install this part. Will be making a future order for more when my Para long slide 10mm gets out of backorder!
From: | Date: 1/13/2014 10:58 PM
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