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So far, great!
I have used this jig to smooth out the sear and trigger pull on 3 different 1911's.  Easy to use - just go slow and take your time.   Followed the provided directions, and the result was a remarkable improvement over the original factory.  It reduced the pull weight about 3/4 of a pound, but it was very smooth pull.   I was more interested in smooth and crisp break than reducing pull weight.  Great product, highly recommend it... I do also highly recommend that one always test the resulting work carefully to make sure you maintain the reliability/functionality of the semi-auto function.
From: | Date: 10/22/2017 4:25 PM
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Excellent sear honing jig.
I have used several different types/brands of sear honing jigs over the years.  I purchased the HD-806 jig about a year ago.  Since then I have used this jig to tune many 1911 style pistols.  Absolutely the best I have found.  Produces a much better sear angle, more precisely than my other jigs.  I plan to purchase another HD-806 jig soon, just to have another one on hand.  The first one is no where near wearing out.  Great value for the sear angle that it produces.
From: | Date: 3/21/2019 10:35 PM
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Absolute Best Sear Stoning Tool on my bench.
This is an update to my review of earlier this year.  Just for my own information and satisfaction, I’ve had the opportunity to stone a few sears (used and new).  I first stoned the sears with a traditional sear jig then checked the feel and pull weight.  I then re-stoned the same sears with the HD-806 jig and reinstalled the sears in the same pistol.  The feel and pull weight has always been improved.  The HD-806 is the only tool I use now for a sear that is not too short originally.
From: | Date: 12/20/2019 12:02 PM
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What an ingenious little tool.
It is foolproof IF you understand what you are doing.
I've done all 4 of my 1911s using this, along with quality components and all 4 break like a glass rod.
From: | Date: 4/22/2023 10:26 PM
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