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Returns and Warranty


Returns -

Our Harrison Design products have been tested in not only in the Harrison Design shop, but by countless other custom gunsmiths and major manufacturers across the Unites States. These parts have proven their suitability and correctness of design for their intended purpose. We occasionally encounter a pistol that is dimensionally out of spec, that presents installation challenges requiring equipment, tooling and expertise beyond that available to the home hobbiest. When we encounter these situations, we make adjustments as needed to custom fit the part to the out-of-spec pistol and work around whatever dimensional challenge the out-of-spec pistol has created. This is part and parcel of being a gunsmith. If you try to install a part in one of these situations without the necessary experience and equipment, you may alter the part to a point where it is no longer suitable to use. Those situations are the risk you take on when you attempt to do your own work instead of getting expert assistance.

We want you to be happy with your experience of doing business with Harrison Design. If we made an error we'll make it right, no questions - just get in touch via email.

If you've ordered the wrong part or otherwise change your mind, we'll issue a refund, less charges listed below. Approved refunds can be made within 30 days of the invoice date, so long as the part is in uninstalled, unmodified, original condition and in original packaging.

If the packaging is missing, damaged, dirty or otherwise requires repackaging an additional 10% restocking fee will be assesed. All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. If you've gone beyond 30 days from invoice date, or the part has been used or attempts made to install, it is not returnable.

Refunds will be issued for the original cost from your invoice, less shipping costs and if there is no defect with the part being returned, a 5% credit card processing fee will be deducted from your refund if the original purchase was by credit card. If you are making an exchange, shipping back to you will be charged. Please email for return authorization instructions.

Warranty - 

We at Harrison Design want you to be satisfied with your merchandise and we enjoy a great reputation of working with our customers to achieve that goal. However, there are a couple of things that need to be said due to the fact that we carry products from other manufacturers, primarily as a service to our customers.

If you have a complaint or problem with a product made by Tripp Research, Trijicon or Dawson Precision, you need to go to those companies for warranty assistance. We at Harrison Design have no ability to handle warranty claims for them. We'll be glad to help you with advise or information, but we cannot  resolve warranty problems for those companies. They are great suppliers, or I wouldn't deal with them and I have every confidence they will stand behind their product and work with you to resolve your problem.

A word about Trijicon tritium lamps - There is a certain amount of inherent fragility in the make-up of a tritium lamp. There is a glass capsule inside. When you install the sight, if you are rough with installing the sight into the dovetail, you can damage the lamp in a manner where it can leak it's internal gas and cause the lamp to stop glowing.  When installing a tritium sight, file the dovetail until the sight will start in the dovetail cut by thumb pressure at least 1/4 of the way, then use a sight pusher to finish centering the sight in the slide. Then after you confirm zero, you can put a drop of LocTite adhesive in the side of the dovetail joint and prop the gun on it's side so the LocTite will seep into the joint.

Again, Trijicon recommends using a sight pusher and has been known to deny claims when they find evidence of use of a hammer and punch.

The other thing to know is that if a tritium lamp fails, please understand that your sight will have to go back to Trijicon for replacement of the failed lamp. I will not send you a brand new sight because the tritium lamp failed. Be aware that if Trijicon finds any evidence of damage to the sight, they may (and probably will) deny warranty and assess a repair charge that will have to be paid before they will return your sight.

The bottom line is this- If Harrison Design installs your sight and there's a problem with your lamp, we will resolve it. If you or your gunsmith install it, you will need to go to Trijicon for warranty. The link to start the process is:

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