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Tritium Night Sight - Kimber

Dawson Precision Front Night Sight for Kimber 1911s

Kimber 1911s equipped with a factory cut front sight dovetail require a front sight with the correctly dimensioned and engineered dovetail to fit properly. The best front sight on the market is made by Dawson Precision and I am pleased to offer it to compliment my rear sight product line. The DP night sights are machined from hardened steel and equipped with a green Trijicon tritium lamp, surrounded by a white ring to enhance daylight visibility. They are offered in heights of  .180"and .200"; both with a width of .125". In general, a full size Government Model Kimber would in most cases work with a .200" front sight to work with my Harrison Design HD-008 rear sight. Shorter Kimbers, such as the 4" models would typically need a shorter front sight, like the .180" tall model.

These sights are for Kimber 1911s except those produced by Kimber's Custom Shop or Rimfire Kimbers.

Important Note: Please read the "Do I need a new front sight" topic located in all of the sight category sections for details on how to select the correct height for your pistol. 

NOTICE - When you receive your new tritium sight, take it into a dark place and confirm that it glows in the dark. If it does not glow, I will exchange it, prior to installation.

After the sight has been installed, if it does not glow, the lamp has been damaged by installation. You will have to send the sight to Trijicon for replacement.

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