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Wolff Recoil Springs - Gov't Mod.

For (5") Government Model pistols

Harrison Design now carries Wolff recoil springs for your convenience. We offer the Wolff Conventional rate springs so you have an even compression rate as the slide travels rearward. You also get a stiffer initial opening rate from "in battery", which works along with a standard power firing pin sring and a small radius firing pin stop to slow the slide's opening. Available in the common weight rates and comes with an extra power firing pin retun spring.


Suggested applications - 

20# or 23# - 10mm full power ammo

18.5# - 10mm reduced power ammo, .45 ACP extra power ammo

16# - .45 ACP standard mil-spec 230 ball equivalent

14# - .45 ACP reduced loads, USPSA major power factor, .38 Super, 40 S&W, 9mm hot ammo

12# - 9 x 19mm standard power ammo

10# - 9 x 19mm reduced power ammo

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